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“Launch Your Banking Venture Today with Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust”

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust

Press Release:


Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust: Revolutionizing Financial Services with Turnkey Solutions

Date: April 23, 2024

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust is excited to announce a groundbreaking opportunity in the financial services sector, targeting dynamic entrepreneurs eager to lead in the banking industry. Our innovative turnkey solutions in banking and financial services represent a game-changer, offering immediate access to ready-made investment banks and blockchain banks.

Immediate Banking Ventures Made Possible Gone are the days of navigating through the complex and time-consuming process of establishing a bank from scratch. Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust presents a unique offering: fully operational banks available for immediate acquisition. This unprecedented move in the financial services industry aims to redefine the approach to entering this lucrative field.

What’s On Offer

Ready-Made Banks: Acquire a fully-functional bank, set up for trading within 24 hours.

Complete Banking Suite: Each bank includes an online banking platform, API keys, and a private label Visa® and MasterCard® program.

Competitive Pricing: Own your bank at an exceptional value of just $49,000.

Flexible Payment: Our interest-free lease-to-own option starts at $25,000 down, with the balance spread over 24 months at $1,000 per month.

Why Choose Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust?

Our turnkey banking solutions are not just about speed and ease; they are about opening doors to growth in the financial industry. This opportunity is tailor-made for entrepreneurs who value efficiency and rapid market entry.

With minimal upfront investment, you can spearhead your venture in the financial sector, backed by the robust infrastructure and support of Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust.

Join the Financial Revolution

We invite you to explore this unique opportunity further. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur in the financial realm or looking to diversify your portfolio, Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust offers the perfect platform to launch or expand your banking venture.

Visit the website at for more information, or reach out to us directly to discuss how this can align with your business objectives.

Watch our enlightening Banking Video titled “Prepare for a Banking Revolution” and see how you can be part of this transformative journey in banking.

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust is not just offering a business opportunity; we are offering a pathway to redefine the banking landscape. As Stephan Schurmann, CEO, puts it, “We are excited to collaborate with forward-thinking entrepreneurs and set new benchmarks in the financial industry.”

Empowerment for global Entrepreneurs!

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust
Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust

About Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust: Pioneering the Future of Blockchain-Enabled Investment Banking

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust, is revolutionizing the investment banking sector through the integration of blockchain technology. Our company specializes in providing unique opportunities for owning and operating blockchain banks, investment banks, and capital trusts, placing us at the forefront of fintech innovation.

As a leader in blockchain banking solutions, Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust offers an array of services including the sale of investment banks, blockchain banks, offshore banks, and digital banks. Our bespoke services cater to a diverse clientele, ranging from individuals seeking to establish their own banks to large corporations looking to expand their financial portfolios. With a focus on digital asset management, private label cryptocurrency banks, and venture capital trusts, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge financial solutions.

Our portfolio includes prestigious entities such as Blockchain DigitalCity Bank & Capital Trust and the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority. We also offer unique opportunities like the sale of fintech banks in the USA and Europe, including a special focus on Blockchain Banks & Trusts for our international clientele.

Our commitment extends beyond sales; we provide comprehensive support in establishing, registering, and managing blockchain-based financial institutions. Our expertise in digital banking trends, combined with our innovative approach to investment banking, positions us as a leader in the evolving world of finance.


Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust continues to set new standards in the investment banking industry. We invite investors, entrepreneurs, and financial institutions to explore the dynamic opportunities we offer. For more information on our services, including a full list of banks and trusts for sale, please visit our website or contact us directly.


Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust

Tel. +1-587-430-2692




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