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Visionary Leadership at the Forefront of Blockchain Innovation:

At the helm of our transformative journey into the future of blockchain and finance stand three pioneering entities, each a beacon of innovation and excellence in their respective domains.

Our Partners and the Board of Directors of Blockchain News are a symphony of visionary leadership, where each entity contributes its unique melody of expertise and innovation.

The Decentralized Innovation Investment Fund:

A testament to our dedication to innovative and sustainable investment and corporate solutions. The DIIF Fund offers a unique blend of security, growth potential, and alignment with cutting-edge tax-free, interest-free “lease-to-own” real estate developments in the Caribbean and Blockchain Bank Leasing, poised to redefine investment paradigms in the coming years.






Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

Setting New Standards in Global Corporate & Trust Registrations:

We stand at the vanguard of integrating blockchain into corporate and trust registrations including blockchain banking, revolutionizing the industry with unmatched security, transparency, and efficiency.

Our initiatives in tokenizing Real World Assets set new industry standards, reflecting our commitment to innovation and ethical practices.



Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust

Revolutionizing Banking with Global Insights:

Our Management Team, enriched by insights from traversing through 85 countries, excels in offering tax-efficient corporate and banking solutions, positioning BICRA as a frontrunner in blockchain-based corporate and trust services.

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust

A Legacy of Innovation Across Diverse Sectors:

These entities are not just participants but leading voices in the blockchain industry, renowned for their groundbreaking approach to integrating blockchain technology across a spectrum of sectors including financial services, investment banking, corporate & trust registrations, and the real estate industry.

Strategic Leadership Driving Comprehensive Blockchain Solutions:

Under the strategic guidance of these entities, Blockchain News offers a suite of blockchain solutions – from blockchain banks ready for acquisition to cutting-edge digital banking and payment platforms, investment banking services, and pioneering tokenization of Real World Assets.



Decades of Collective Expertise Fueling Innovation:

With over 34 years of collective experience in offshore banking, digital finance, investment banking, and fintech, our Board of Directors dedicates its expertise to empowering entrepreneurs globally, driving innovation, and setting new benchmarks in the financial and blockchain industries.


Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust